The normal process for creating a website is quite interactive, involving the client’s creative input on both content and the look and feel of the website. To this end the following has been defined for the prices involved. Any extra consultancy or design work needed, will be charged, and a schedule of charges is set out in the “Additional costs” section of this document.


Our websites use a dynamic frame work to deliver abilities beyond traditional web hosts. This allows clients to edit and upload their own content, modify and add pages and use modules to provide specific functionality. Editing is nearly as easy as using a word processing package, in fact the editor behaves very much like Microsoft Word.

These modules allow clients to easily add functionality to any page on their website.

Basic Modules;

  • Text/HTML (The Basic Building block, show text on your website)
  • Announcements (News Items)
  • Blogs (Short for Web Log, this is an electronic version of a Diary)
  • Events (A calendar to show when events are coming up)
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Links (A list of links to other websites)
  • Surveys (Poll your users for information or opinions)

Premium Modules

  • Store (Sell your products on the Web)
  • Media (The module looks at the file extension and allows the file to render in a browser correctly)
  • Forums (Allow your users to talk to each other, leaving public messages on your site)
  • Banners (Provides advertising capabilities, sell advertising on your website to others)
  • Repository (Allow users to upload and download files to your website)

Setup costs

Website – $1250

  • Initial Consultation
  • Design and implementation of Look and Feel
  • Upload and formatting of content provided by client
  • Tuition on using and modifying the website
  • Introduction on advertising on the web

Hosting – $250

Basic Package One ($250 per year) .com

  • 100mb of Web
  • 5 Email Addresses
  • A .com Domain
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Basic Package Two ($300 per year)

  • 100mb of Web
  • 5 Email Addresses
  • A Domain
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Advanced Package ($450 per year)

  • Forum, Media and Banners Premium Modules
  • 200mb of Web
  • 20 Email Addresses
  • A .com or Domain
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Premium Package ($600 per year)

  • All Premium Modules except the Store Module
  • 500mb of Web
  • 50 Email Addresses
  • A .com or domain
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Additional Costs

Photography $P.O.A (depending on requirements)
Premium Modules
Web Store $500 Setup, $250 per year ongoing
Forums $200 per year
File Repository $150 per year
Media $100 per year
Banners $50 per year
Programming (Customisations) $75/Hr
Customised Modules $P.O.A
Ad-hoc Editing $50/Hr
Editing Service $450 for 10hrs
$800 for 20Hrs


The charges are based on the following assumptions;

  • The Review process is limited to 5 cycles of review and fix for the entire site.
  • The initial set up of the website takes no more than 20 hrs of effort.