Why you need a Website.

Think of your website like a 24/7 advertisement. Ask yourself now, how you would find someone to paint your house? I bet somewhere in your top 3 answers is to search on the internet for someone local!

Most people now turn to the internet for all sorts of reasons, entertainment, games, news, shopping and even sometimes, to find their local painter. When an advert in a newspaper might cost $1000 for a few weeks, imagine how much a website costs?

Some people might feel like they can charge you many thousands for a website. We put you in control, we lower costs because you become an active partner in making your own website.

Why you should choose DragonByte!

Our competitors only allow clients one choice, do it their way, and pay for it. We allow clients to really own their website by making it possible for them to edit their own content online!

Imagine logging on to your website and using it like a word processor! Copy and paste straight from your word processor into your website, add images, set your fonts and colours.

DragonByte makes it possible! Our software allows you to be in control!

We help you to design your website, how you want it to be. We’ll teach everything you need to know to edit your site online, how to add and edit pages, how to add and edit content.

What we do!

We don’t charge you loads of cash for editing your website, we help you make your website look good with your content. We teach you how to edit your site and support you until you can fly on your own.

You can grow your website without paying for expensive edits, add a new page with a couple of clicks, add text and images, all online. Then extend your website with extra modules like forums, blogs, file repository’s, photo albums, you can even add your own online shopping cart and sell your products to the world.

Worried about making it look good?

Don’t! As part of every package we design a fresh look and feel for your website. We have loads of experience designing websites that look good, are easy to read, and has your style at heart.

We can tailor your website to look just how you want it!